Duluth Avenue by Farah Khan, 2008

Greening Duluth is a dream: A green corridor connecting two of Montreal`s most glorious parks, Jeanne Mance-Mont Royal, and Lafontaine, with eco-conscious local businesses flourishing within a sustainable economy. It was born in 2007 after the founder (and author of this website) Cameron Stiff returned from working on the global issue of climate change at the UN and with the Canadian federal government. Disillusioned with the cynicism and lack of vision exhibited at these levels, he felt sustainability needed to be realized at the local level to build momentum for larger change. The projects undertaken reflect the desire to transition towards a equitable, prosperous, and healthy society.

As we look forward in 2012, we want to build on the momentum that has grown in the past 5 years and move into a greater level of transformation, working in partnership with government, business, academia, the non-profit sector and community partners. Please contact me at or 438-879-4072 if you are interested in being involved!

Our funders to date:

– Caisse Desjardins Portuguese

– Soverdi (Le Société de Verdissement de Montréal)

– TD Canada Trust

– The InSpirit Foundation

– Maison de l’amitié

– Individual donors

Thank you!

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